We Ensure the Integrity of Your Structures

Structural repairs of cracks, corrosion and other damages are handled by Ascent Aviation’s specialized structures team. The team, together with our NDT specialists, performs damage assessment, maps corrosion, dents and buckles, and evaluates aging aircraft repairs. We recommend the most structurally sound and efficient repairs for damages that are beyond the SRM, and work with the OEM to approve the repairs. 

Ascent Aviation’s structures services include:

  • Major structural defect corrections / repairs
  • Structural inspections and damage assessments
  • Corrosion Protection and Control Programs (CPCP)
  • Supplemental Structural Inspection Document (SSID)
  • Scribe line inspections and lap seam terminations
  • Increased gross weight modifications
  • Skin replacements, frame and rib repairs

When your airplane requires an unscheduled structural repair, Ascent Aviation has the expertise and flexibility to accommodate a drop-in, or dispatch a field team to get the airplane back into service quickly.