Getting the Most Value from Retired Aircraft

When an aircraft is at the end of its economic life, Ascent Aviation will manage the disassembly and reclamation of all the valuable serviceable assets, components, and parts of the airplane. This process is conducted with great care, efficiency and accountability in a secure and segregated facility. We are Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) Certified, and we comply strictly with ethical and environmentally sound practices when salvaging and recycling parts.

Ascent Aviation will strip and remove all parts on the airplane and repackage them for storage or shipment to airline and cargo operators. Parts can be overhauled to OEM standards or shipped in “serviceable” or “as removed” condition. All reclaimed parts are entered into our inventory location system (ILS), and can be searched for by part number, condition, price and availability for rapid delivery to any destination.

At Ascent Aviation, we provide 100% accountability for parts. We manage the entire process from removal to shipment, providing exceptional service and value to the supply chain.