Same-Day Shipping on Thousands of Aircraft Parts

Ascent Aviation maintains a large inventory of aircraft parts on a Parts Consignment program for our clients. These parts are clearly segregated and managed using a state-of-the-art computerized inventory tracking and reporting system. We offer same-day shipping on most orders of consigned parts. With our technology and knowledgeable sales staff, Ascent Aviation is the perfect resource for your consignment parts needs. We provide:

  • Worldwide distribution network through ILS and Parts Base
  • Segregated, secure and environmentally conducive storage location
  • Rapid shipment from Tucson International Airport
  • Proficient and well-connected sales staff
  • Repair management of parts and components
  • Evaluation of economic repair, scrap and disposal 

Ascent Aviation is an established ASA-100 certified parts broker and our parts quality control program adheres to FAA Advisory Circular 00-56.